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5 Things You Should Know About Authentic Mexican Food

American Mexican food and authentic Mexican food are two different worlds. We're sharing 5 things you should know about authentic Mexican food here.

Is there anything more delicious than real, family-made Mexican food? At Mesa, we certainly don't think so!

From the atmosphere to the rich and delicious foods that even celebrities love, there are tons of reasons to love our food.

Here are 5 things you may not know about authentic Mexican food!

1. The Authentic Mexican Dining Experience is About More Than Just Food

We think the best part about sitting down to a meal is being with loved ones. Friends and family add so much to our lives, and the Mexican tradition is steeped with heritage.

In fact, meal time is a huge staple of the day in Mexico. Families gather around the table to connect with one another and share stories.

That's why we strive to make sure you get the most out of your meal. From our family to yours, we want you to truly enjoy your meal. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some much-welcomed time with your family.

2. Authentic Mexican Food is Complex

One of the best things about true Mexican food is how complex the palette of tastes is.

Your taste buds will experience every sensation from sweet and spicy to everything between.

Mexican food thrives on combinations, and taste profiles are certainly no exception.

3. It's Spicy

While Mexican food is indeed complex, it's also quite hot -- literally.

This is because of ancient Mayan cooking traditions. In fact, most of the popular Mexican dishes of today were created back in ancient times.

Generally, the Mayans had an abundance of peppers and spices at their disposal, so they used them in every dish they could.

That's why our food has such a great kick to it.

4. There's More To Mexican Cheese Than Queso Dip

We all love queso dip, and for good reason. It's rich, creamy goodness is the best part of any appetizer or meal.

But you're selling yourself short if you don't branch out a bit. Be sure to add a bit of authentic Mexican cheese to your dish next time.

Take Queso Fresco (which translates to fresh cheese, if you were wondering). These delicious crumbles add a wonderful creaminess to any dish.

And then there's Queso Chihuahua, which packs a powerful punch. While it's a bit hard to find in Stateside restaurants, it's great for those looking to spice things up.

5. Real Mexican Dessert is Delicious

No meal is complete without dessert, and a Mexican meal is certainly no different.

Be sure that you finish the evening with a delicious order of sopapillas. Thin and crispy, this classic pastry dish is often covered in honey or cinnamon sugar.

And then there's flan. One of the traditional favorites, flan is a custard-like dessert that is sure to please young and old. If you're a fan of traditional custards or puddings, you owe it to yourself to try our orange flan!

Now that you have the rundown on authentic Mexican cuisine, what are you waiting for?

Stop by one of our two convenient locations or make a reservation today! We can't wait to introduce you to your next favorite meal.

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