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5 Types Of Margaritas You Have To Try

Authentic Mexican food and margaritas go hand-in-hand. Thirsty for more? Click here for 5 delicious types of margaritas you have to try.

Ever gone to a restaurant and got completely overwhelmed because of the broad types of margaritas on the menu?

Well, that happens, and the last thing you want is settling on an option that you'll not love at all.

That's a challenge since there's a bunch of different margarita recipes. If you're not ready to try them all to find your favorite recipe, we're offering you five recommendations you should order the next time you're seated in a restaurant.

Well, let's explore these margarita options together. Your taste buds will love them!

1. Spicy Margarita

Spicy margaritas come in different types, and it depends on what ingredients you love. Some common ingredients you can consider include mandarin, cucumber, jalapeno, and Blanco. 

Jalapeno is one of the popular options because of its heat property. But you can also try something new and, of course, spicy like a margarita made with Mexican peppers infused Hornitos Plata tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice.

2. Smoky Margarita

If you love the tongue-tingling feel of Sombra Mezcal, then you can use it to make a smoky margarita. The smoky option is one of the ideal types of margaritas you should consider trying.

With Sombra Mezcal, you can add ice, triple sec, and fresh lime juice to complete your cocktail. For a different taste, add agave, cucumber slices, and grapefruit juice. Sombra adds a rich and classic smoky element to your drink recipe.

3. Strawberry Margarita

Strawberry puree makes one of the best types of margaritas. Typical ingredients for this cocktail include ice, tequila, sugar, lime juice, liqueur, and strawberries.

You can have the drink on the rocks or frozen -- your choice! Some people will also want to add honey to give the cocktail a sweeter taste. Strawberry margarita makes one on the best cocktails for a party because of its rich color.

4. Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon margarita is another favorite option for people who want a refreshing drink to cool off a hot day. Melons are usually sweet, so you might not need much sugar for this cocktail.

Typical ingredients for this drink include tequila, Triple sec, fresh lime juice, and lime wedges. You can add salt to the glass rim and fill it with ice before pouring your cocktail.

Here, lime wedges are used for garnishing.

5. Mango Margarita

The mango option is perfect for Mexican fare or warm weather. It boasts a delightful look that makes you want to drink the moment you see it.

The common ingredients used in making mango margarita include limes, salt, ice, tequila, orange-flavored liqueur, and mango juice.

Mango juice with mango puree concentrate is the best option to use when prepping this cocktail. Some people would want to add sugar to give the drink a special touch and sweeter taste.

Types of Margaritas - The Takeaway

Well, here are five irresistible options for you. Next time you're making a reservation, consider trying out any of these types of margaritas.

These cocktails are perfect for any occasion, and you can have them blended with ice, on the rocks, or without ice.

You can also make these recipes at home if you want to. They're fun to share with friend and family.

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