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8 Must Have Dishes When You Visit Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine TX

Mexican food is the 3rd most popular cuisine in the US, and for a good reason.

Few meals perfectly combine an essence of spicy, creamy, and zesty quite like Mexican food. However, if you're looking for an authentic experience at Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX, it really comes down to what you order.

Before we get into the best choices off the menu, let's get into the difference between real Mexican food in Grapevine and what can be referred to as "Tex Mex".

Tex Mex cuisine is fairly young, especially when compared to authentic Mexican cuisine. When American settlers began heading south towards Texas, they attempted to make their own version of the food found on the other side of the border using what they had. The result was something that eventually morphed into cream cheese filled bean dip and some type of avocado filled egg roll concoction.

Now, this is not real Mexican food. Don't eat this. Just go straight to the real deal. How do you know the real deal? Check out our list below of the 8 must have dishes to try when visiting Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine TX.

#1. Taco Bout Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine TX

See what we did there?

But in all honesty, there's no going wrong with an authentic Mexican taco. Unlike giant mutant burritos, tacos are actually a thing in Mexico, and in the US we can't get enough of them. In fact, Americans eat nearly 4 billion tacos every year!

Taco aficionados consider the taco de pastor (a pork and pineapple blend) to be the go-to choice for taco fillings. However, we believe you can't go wrong with a good shrimp or fresh fish taco either in true Baja style!

#2. Queso...Lots and Lots of Queso

If there's one ingredient that's always a fan favorite, it's cheese. If you happen to find yourself in one of the real Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX, you're going to want to order at least one queso packed menu item.

Keep in mind, we're not talking about the stuff in the Blue Box. We mean real, authentic Mexican queso which has a zesty flavor blend that has made its way onto everything from nachos to french fries.

#3. Chile Relleno -That Means It's Stuffed

Are there any better adjectives to find on a menu than creamy, fried and stuffed? The answer is no, and fortunately, Chile Relleno is the best of all three. Authentic Chile Relleno is lightly fried, filled with chicken or pork, and smothered in a creamy queso sauce. Yes, more queso.

Chile Rellenos actually originated from a "fortunate mixture of indigenous and European ingredients -- a fusion of the native vegetable", and once you've tasted it you'll see just how fortunate we are that such a meal was ever invented.

#4. Fajitas, So Good It Sings

If you've ever been in one of the Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX and witnessed a sizzling, fragrant platter delivered to another table, your next words were likely "What is that?". The answer my friend is fajitas.

Fajitas are typically a protein like a steak, chicken or shrimp, served grilled on an insanely hot stone platter accompanied by a rainbow assortment of veggies. What you do once you receive the platter is really up to you. Fill up a corn tortilla, top off some rice and beans, or just burn your mouth a bit from not being able to wait long enough for the dish to cool down.

#5. Anything with Tequila

Before you get too judgy on us, it's important to know that by the time you enjoy a dish that has been cooked in tequila most of the alcohol has likely dissolved. Not that drinking it straight up or in a Margarita isn't good too.

As strange as it may sound, cooking with tequila in Mexico is as normal as cooking with wine in the US. In fact, tequila adds an amazing caramel flavor to meals that creates the perfect flavor blend.

#6. The Whole Enchilada

If you've visited one of the Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX and didn't order an Enchilada, it's time to go back. Enchiladas are often confused with burritos, but there are quite a few differences.

While they may look alike, enchiladas are typically made with corn tortillas while burritos often use flour tortillas. Enchiladas and burritos often differ in fillings as well, with enchiladas typically using more meats and vegetables while burritos generally include a lot of rice and beans.

While they are both delicious options, Enchiladas are an experience not to be missed. Trust us on this one.

#7. Claypot Vera Cruz, for the Seafood Lover

While you will find the menus in Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX typically catered towards carnivores, there's definitely some treats for the pescatarian as well. Claypot Vera Cruz is a seafood-filled, tomato sauce drenched Mexican dish that originated (where else?) in Vera Cruz.

Clay pots (or cazuelas) are staples in traditional Mexican cooking thanks to their ability to withstand high temperatures for long periods of times. This cooking technique allows seafood items like shrimp, scallops, and octopus to fully cook without losing their unique flavor.

#8. Tres Leches, Lots and Lots of Tres Leches

What, you thought we would forget about dessert? If you have never had the fortune of experiencing a slice of Tres Leches Cake let us break it down for you. Imagine a sponge cake that just explodes with sweet, creamy flavor with every bite. Yeah, it's that good.

Tres Leches actually originated in Central America and made its way from Nicaragua up to Mexico where it became the slightly sweeter version it is today. Fortunately, the best Mexican restaurants in Grapevine TX will have some on the menu.

Experience Real Mexican Food Today

Whether you're looking to dine with a group or have an intimate queso filled date night, we've got you covered.

All you have to do is contact us to make your reservation and enjoy real authentic Mexican flavor faster than you can say "guacamole".

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