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Bucket List: 5 Must See Grapevine Attractions

Think you've experienced everything Grapevine as to offer? There's more! Here are 5 more Grapevine attractions to add to your bucket list.

So you've just had an early dinner at Mesa Restaurant in Grapevine, Texas. You've probably never heard of this town before. A quiet place, with just under 50,000 people and conveniently located half an hour outside of Dallas.

A quick Google search tells you that this city was named one of America's best cities to live in 2007.

With this information in hand, you decide that it's time to find out what kind of Grapevine attractions are out there.

Look no further, here are 5 things you don't want to miss.

5 Best Grapevine Attractions

1. Sea Life Aquarium

The top slot is going to Sea Life Aquarium. This place is huge. Forty-five thousand square feet of underwater awesomeness including 30 different displays and over 5,000 creatures.

Tripadvisor gives this aquarium a four-star rating and it sits in second place for all Grapevine attractions.

2. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Texas is known for a lot of things and the words heat, hot, and sweat are some of the common ones. It can make you miserable but can also be dangerous. So give yourself a relief from it by hitting up this spot. 

It's a great place for the whole family and that includes adults. You don't want to miss the Howlin' Tornado or Coyote Cannon.

The best part is that it's open all day long, from 10 AM all the way to 9 PM.

3. Grapevine Vintage Railroad

There's a lot of train enthusiasts out there. For those of you who aren't, this is the kind of place that may change your mind. 

You'll climb onto a fully restored 1920's Victorian coach that's pulled by one of two locomotives, one of which is from the late 19th century and the other is a big diesel from the 1950's.

4. Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center

If you're looking for some grapevine attractions that have something different to offer for everyone, both singles, couples, and families, look no further than the Gaylord Texan Resort.

The Glass Nightclub has some sort of musical act almost every weekend.

Maybe you're more into something a little more relaxing? Well, what's more relaxing than a lazy river?

Paradise Springs is the waterpark located within the resort, boasting large water slides, a zip line, multiple hot tubs, and a toddler pool to add to the lazy river.

There's no point in taking a vacation if you aren't going to relax for a while. The resort has its own spa, with an impressive list of services for both kids and adults.

5. Let's Get Saucy

While cotton was the main crop over a hundred years ago, this gave way to the rise of the cantaloupe, which at one time took up 25,000 acres of Grapevine real estate. Until the 70's, there was a sign in town that actually read "Cantaloupe Capital of the World".

Nowadays, the opening of several wineries is putting the "grape" into "Grapevine". So if wine is your thing, seriously consider putting a wine tour on your to-do list, as this smallish city boasts nearly a dozen wineries and vineyards.

So when the sun's beating down on your face and you need a waterpark to chill out in and some delicious Mexican food in your belly, come to Grapevine, Texas.

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