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Here's Why You Should Visit Historic Downtown Grapevine

If you're planning a trip to Grapevine, TX, historic downtown should be on your list of places to see. Here's why you should visit historic downtown Grapevine.

We know. We’ve got the Marvin Gaye song stuck in our heads, too. 

This past January, Grapevine celebrated its 110th birthday since its incorporation in 1907.

It’s full of quaint historic buildings but don’t let that fool you. There always seems to be some new restaurant or attraction to visit in good ole Grapevine. 

Perhaps you’re still wondering why you’d ever visit historic downtown Grapevine. Apart from getting to sing I Heard It Through the Grapevine on repeat, there are tons of reasons to visit this small town just outside Dallas. 

Historic Downtown Grapevine

Like many old towns out West, there is a Main Street on which most stores and saloons were situated. Grapevine’s old Main Street has remained as alive and vibrant as ever. 

On any given day wandering down Main Street you’ll see friends gathering for a meal, shoppers skittering into storefronts, and, if you’re lucky, antique cars puttering by. There always seems to be something new in downtown Grapevine, but you’ll always notice the classics like Willhoite’s and Tolbert’s. 

For something a bit more modern, you can check out Mesa's fresh and coastal take on

Mexican food. 

Sea Life Aquarium

On some Texas summer days, it’s just too hot to be outside. If that’s the case, head to the Sea Life Aquarium after enjoying a quick lunch of mole enchiladas. 

Grapevine's aquarium takes up two floors and has over 45,000 square feet of aquarium space. It also has 16 interactive pools where you and the kids can get up close and personal with lobsters, starfish, and sea urchins. 

You'll also want to check out the clownfish, stingrays, sharks, and seahorse exhibits. 


A little-known fact about Texas is it's the fifth largest producer of wine in the United States.

In the Grapevine area, you'll find several small wineries like Cross Timbers, Umbra, Delaney, and Homestead Winery. 

If you happen to plan a visit in September, book ticket's for GrapeFest, a wine festival touted as the largest in the Southwest. Wineries from all over the country come set up next to Grapevine's award-winning vineyards. 

You'll need to check each winery's website to see when their tasting rooms are open. You can visit most of them in a day but, remember, have someone as a designated driver.

Nash Farm

Nash Farm is a living museum that operates on part of the original 150-acre farm from 1850.

It has a full staff and volunteers who put on demonstrations and care for the farm. 

You can take group tours around the house built in 1869 and learn how seasonal activities were performed in the mid-1800's. These include milking cows, churning butter, and watering the garden. 

Something for Everybody

If you're in the Dallas area and have a spare day, taking a trip to downtown Grapevine should absolutely be on your list. Grapevine has so many activities to keep you and the kids entertained. 

No matter if you're interested in history, trying new wines, or discovering new foods, there's something for you in Grapevine. 

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