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The 7 Most Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine Texas

When most people think of Texas cuisine, they picture huge barbecue pits and classic Tex-Mex food. But, every true Mexican food lover knows there's a big difference between Tex-Mex creations and the real thing.

The next time you visit the Grapevine area, don't settle for anything less than authentic. Here are five of the best Mexican restaurants in Grapevine, Texas to choose from.

1. Chuy's

Chuy's is the Mexican food chain you didn't know you needed. While it does have many locations all around Dallas and the Northern Texas area, Chuy's still feels close to home.

The tortillas are hand-rolled as you place your order and all the ingredients are fresh, never frozen. Sure, this is a staple of traditional Mexican food. But when you expand to various locations and have a business to run, keeping things fresh is a testament to Chuy's commitment to excellence.

If this isn't enough to convince you, just wait until you try their enchiladas. If those aren't your thing, get an order of tacos or a big burrito on your first visit. Whatever you order, Chuy's is sure to deliver everything you were expecting from Grapevine Mexican food and more.

2. On the Border

Besides being some of the best Mexican restaurants in Grapevine, Texas, Chuy's and On the Border have another thing in common - they were both founded in the same year!

Since 1982, On the Border has been serving up amazing Mexican dishes all over Dallas. It's a local favorite and a go-to restaurant choice for out of town visitors.

Like any Mexican place, they get the salsa just right every time. It's a simple dish, but then again, one of the easiest ways to tell how authentic a Mexican establishment really is. The meal then continues with carne asada that's perfectly cooked or an amazing chimichanga.

Either way, you can't go wrong. The only bad decision that comes with On the Border is not going at all!

3. Mariano's Hacienda

Up next on the list is Mariano's Hacienda. It puts an upscale spin on traditional Mexican cuisine.

Here, you can enjoy tableside guacamole and roasted salsa. Sip on a strong margarita while you wait for your meal, which may consist of anything from delicious tacos to tasty burritos and much more. Go the traditional route or sample a Mexican dish you've never tried before - you're still going to love it.

4. La Salsa Verde

Another Mexican restaurant worth trying in Grapevine, Texas is La Salsa Verde. This is the ideal place for truly authentic tacos made just like the ones in Mexico City - double corn tortilla and all.

Enjoy your taco with all the traditional fillings, which consist of onion, cilantro, and salsa. No funny business here. The restaurant has a red salsa to match the popular green version for which it was named after.

Not to mention, there are four fabulous locations for you to try when you come to Grapevine. You can stay close to this Dallas suburb or head further into the city and make a stop at La Salsa Verde on the way. Maybe even visit the original location, which began within a gas station!

5. Revolver Taco Lounge

Revolver Taco Lounge is a bit of a drive from the heart of Grapevine into Deep Ellum, but it's totally worth going off the beaten path. Deep Ellum is one of Dallas' most exciting up-and-coming, trendy areas.

As such, Revolver Taco Lounge is a reflection of traditional Mexican and inventive cuisine. It's fun, unique, and incredibly delicious - too good to pass up if you're in town!

At the taco lounge, many of the recipes are family secrets that were passed down from the owner and head chef's mother to himself. He brings his Mexican roots to Dallas with a touch of flair and a strong attention to detail.

Try the tacos with carne asada or get adventurous and order them filled with grilled octopus. Either way, they all come with fresh, house-made tortillas that are sure to blow your mind.

That's not all, though. There's even a secret back room where guests can go to enjoy a custom eight-course menu. This may not sound very traditional, but it's family-style, incredibly intimate and named after Rojas' (head chef) indigenous Mexican family.

6. Trompo

There are certain places that appeal to family-style and private parties, and then there are restaurants you walk into and instantly feel at home. Such is the case with Trompo, a counter-only Mexican restaurant in the Grapevine area.

This is a family-owned restaurant with strong Mexican roots. The menu seems simple at first, but it has everything a Mexican food lover really needs. Try an open-faced, Monterey-style quesadilla or indulge yourself in as many street tacos as your heart desires.

Top it all off with homemade salsa, and maybe even consider ordering seconds.

7. Wild Salsa

With a name like Wild Salsa, you'd think the big hit at this Mexican establishment would be what you dip your chips in. In truth, the coolest thing about Wild Salsa is its wide selection of over 100 kinds of tequila, which is pretty wild if you think about it.

It's a place where you come for the food and stay for the drinks. Start off with a few tacos or some chorizos to split with the table, then let the drinking commence. This is the perfect destination for tequila lovers looking to try something new or to get a sip of their favorite hard-to-find tequila brand.

Find Your Favorite Mexican Restaurants in Grapevine, Texas

Speaking of favorites, it's one thing to read about all the best Mexican restaurants in Grapevine, Texas and another to find your favorite for yourself. Whether you're a local or a frequent visitor, there's nothing like deciding on Mexican food for dinner and knowing exactly where you want to go to get it.

For other amazing restaurants in Grapevine, click here.

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