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The Beginner's Guide To The Best Mexican Food

Deciding what to order at a Mexican restaurant can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we've created the beginner's guide to the best Mexican food. See it here.

You know you're craving Mexican food. It's delicious. Who wouldn't crave it?

So you head to your favorite Mexican restaurant and sit down. And then comes the part where you have to choose what to order! Since most Mexican restaurant menus tend to be large, deciding what to order can be overwhelming.

Especially if you don't know exactly what it is that you're ordering.

So we've created this beginner's guide to the best Mexican food.

Let's take a look!

The Best Mexican Food Staples

Every Mexican restaurant will offer different options on their menu. However, there are a few basic staples every Mexican restaurant will always provide.

And they're always tasty. Here are our favorite Mexican food staples:

  • Guacamole: Each Mexican restaurant has their own variation. Most include avocados, salt, onions, and lemon or lime.

  • Frijoles: Black, red, and pinto beans are among the most popular beans in Mexican food. They're usually simmered in water and onion until soft and served with rice.

  • Tortilla: Made primarily from corn or flour. You'll find these served with nearly every meal.

  • Salsa: A fabulous topping or dip made with tomatoes, onions, and chilies. 

The Best Mexican Food - Main Dishes

So you've started out with some amazing chips and salsa and you're ready to order your meal.

And while these next dishes might be commonly found in Mexican restaurants, they're far from boring.

Here are our favorite main dishes:

  • Quesadilla: Think of this as a grilled cheese sandwich, Mexican style. Wrapped in a tortilla, a quesadilla can contain veggies and/or meat and always has plenty of cheese. It's then grilled until crispy. 

  • Taco: While its history may have started in the mines, the taco has evolved to a fast food staple. Made with salsa, cheese, lettuce and your choice of meat, veggies, or fish, it's sure to please any palette.

  • Burrito: Named after the donkeys or "burros" who delivered lunch to field workers, this fabulous dish is sure to leave anyone as stuffed as their burrito. This one is a large tortilla packed with meat, salsa, rice, and beans. You can also add cheese and other sides to add to this flavorful experience.

The Best Mexican Drinks

Of course, every great meal needs some sort of beverage to wash it all down with. And Mexican drinks are amazing. 

Here are our favorite drink selections:

  • Champurrado: Mexican hot chocolate. Spiced with cinnamon and orange peel.

  • Margarita: A mix of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Opt for frozen or on the rocks. Salted or unsalted. You can also try various berry flavors.

The Best Mexican Desserts

Lastly, no meal is ever complete without dessert. And Mexican restaurants make wonderfully tasty desserts so you may want to order a few and share.

Here are our favorites:

  • Flan: The Mexican version of creme caramel. 

  • Churros: Brought over from Spain in the 1800s, these are fried dough pastries. Sometimes they're sprinkled with cinnamon or chocolate sauce.

The best part about Mexican food is that you can keep coming back to try new dishes. Or enjoy an old favorite. Just keep coming back!

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