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The Best Places To Get Brunch In Grapevine

There's just something about brunch that makes it better than breakfast and lunch. Read on for the best places to get brunch in Grapevine during your visit.

There's something about a good brunch that just raises the spirits.

Great food, great company, and alcoholic beverages that are somehow okay to drink before noon can't help but put you in a good mood. 

Unless, of course, you accidentally stumble upon a brunch spot with bad food, bad service, and (gasp) poor quality cocktails. 

While picking where you go to brunch in Grapevine might not be the biggest decision you'll ever make, it might be the biggest one you'll make this weekend. 

So why not make the best choice?

Don't worry though, you don't have to read through endless yelp reviews to find the best spots. Just read on to discover the best restaurants for brunch in Grapevine!

1. Winewood

If you're a cinnamon roll fan (who isn't, really?) then you've got to get yourself to Winewood. 

They've got a "Texas Sized" one on the menu that puts Cinnabon to shame. They say it's big enough for sharing, and doing so isn't a bad idea considering you'll want to save room for some bottomless mimosas.

If you are void of a sweet tooth, no worries. Their crab and lobster benedict or their barbacoa tacos are also to die for. 

2. Old West Cafe 

If you're looking to get a dose of that famous Southern charm, then the Old West Cafe is the place for you.

The interior exudes a classic Texas feel complete with deer head antlers, cowboy boots, and of course, a top notch service. 

But the atmosphere isn't the only thing that will keep you coming back for more. Their french toast and pancakes are the best you'll find in Grapevine. 

We recommend going for the banana nut with peanut butter syrup- yes, peanut butter syrup. 

3. Mi Dia From Scratch 

For those looking for something outside the standard bacon and eggs meal, Mi Dia from Scratch is calling your name. 

This place puts a Southwest Tex-Mex flair on the traditional American breakfast. Aka guacamole with bacon. Trust us, it's divine. 

Their famed Huevos Motulenos comes with grilled black forest ham, peas, chile arbol reduction, queso fresco, micro cilantro and pickled onions. Seriously, who knew so many things could taste so great with an egg?

Plus, how can you go wrong with a place that has its own cocktail menu just for brunch? Go for the Canyon Road's Sunrise if you're really looking to get your day off on the right foot. 

4. Main Street Bistro and Bakery 

You know a place takes their brunch menu seriously when they've somehow found a way to combine croissants with creme brûlée. 

Or, the "croi-dough-but brûlée," we should say, which is one of Main Street Bistro's signature brunch dishes. 

Those who appreciate a taste of Europe on their brunch menu won't be disappointed by Main Street's selection of delectable crepes and Belgian waffle. 

And if you show up with a hankering for a Bloody Mary, you've come to the right place. Main Street has a Bloody Mary bar with all the fixings. 

Brunch in Grapevine Wrap Up 

Hopefully, these recommendations will leave you stuffed to the brim and with a new go-to brunch spot in your back pocket. 

Enjoyed brunching at one of these fine establishments? Drop us a comment below- we'd love to hear your thoughts on our list! 

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