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The Many Types of Tortillas (And How to Make Them)

Who doesn't love a great tortilla? They're a simple dish that can be both filling and nutritious.

At the same time, the many types of tortillas make for a large palette of flavors. You can mix and match almost any type of ingredient to make a great tortilla meal. On top of that, tortillas can also work for and mealtime of day.

Of course, with a lot of variety comes a lot of different recipes for the tortilla. So, how can you choose the one that's right for your kitchen? Well, if you're curious, then here are some of the best dishes for different tortilla types out there.

The Two Main Types of Tortillas

While there are many dishes you can make out of tortillas, there are only two types of wrapping. The one made with flour can go well with breakfast tacos. Burritos, the most popular Mexican dish, also go well with flour tortillas.

Tortillas are usually made from a material called corn masa. Note that in most cases, you'll find a traditional Mexican restaurant in Grapevine Texas to likely use corn.

The corn tortilla can go well with a dish like the Al Pastor taco. Fish tacos also benefit from this traditional flavor.

Which is Type is Better?

In the battle of flour vs. corn tortillas, which comes out on top? Well, that usually depends on the dish and that's a good thing.

Variety has always been one of the reasons why cooking is so great. That's why the tortilla goes so well with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At the same time, learning both types can only be beneficial to you. A little extra effort on your part may be necessary, but you'll find it worth it. It might surprise your dinner guests in the future.

The Basics of the Tortilla

When making one of these on your own, there are a few essentials tips. Besides the difference between flour and corn, there's also the thing about oils and fats.

If you're aiming for the traditional style, then you'll have to start with the corn masa. If you don't have the time to do that, you can always use masa harina, or 2 cups of corn flour. After that, you add half a teaspoon of salt and mix them together.

Slowly add around 1-1/2 cups of warm water into the mix until they form a dough. Cut each piece into golf ball sized parts. Cover a ball with 2 plastic pieces on either side, and then start to press them down into the form of a tortilla.

From here, you can cook them up on a pan for 1-2 minutes on each side. You can also let the tortillas rest, stacked with plastic between each piece.

The Flour Tortilla

Flour tortillas are a little different because they need an extra ingredient. Lard is key in making these, so that can seem a little unappealing. Note though, that it's that special ingredient that adds flavor to the mix.

First off, mix two cups of all-purpose flour with a tablespoon of lard. Mix that dough until the lard distributes evenly through the flour. After that, it's a matter of mixing 1-1/2 cups of water into the flour.

If you want to skip the lard, you can also try using olive oil. After that, you can follow the steps above to finish it all off with the best tortilla.

Keep in mind that home-made tortillas can eat a lot of time, so make sure you allot time when you plan on making them. Preparing ingredients in advance can also work, if you've got a tight schedule.

Daily Taco Ideas

It might surprise you how good tortillas can make your breakfast. Since there's no definite recipe, you can put add almost anything on a wrap. Why not try a light spinach and egg-based roll-up for a veggie twist?

For lunch, there are an array of heavier recipes you can turn to. Fish tacos are always great for when you need a filling meal on the run. Go for a lime cilantro crema taco for an extra kick of spicy flavor.

That recipe requires ingredients like red snappers, sliced green onions, and sour cream. A complicated one for sure, but worth all the time you sink into it. Of course, if it's for dinner, why not put together a few margaritas to go with it?

Are Tortillas Healthy Daily Meals?

Like any type of meal you build around your diet, different types of tortillas can be healthy. But, if done with no regard for nutrition, they can end up unhealthy. It's all a matter of what you put into the tortilla makes it good for you.

But what exactly are you aiming for when you make your food? Are you trying to be healthier?

Are you trying to build muscle and gain more energy?

Then try adding tuna or ground beef into your meals. Beans are also great for protein and that's in the traditional taco.

If you're keeping your weight down, then cut out flour tortillas altogether. Instead, make use of that corn tortilla recipe above. Dropping deep-fried shells would also be a wise choice.

Toppings will also play a factor in your diet plan so pay heed to that as well. Whatever you choose, remember that these meals are very versatile. So, try out whatever combination you want and find your favorite.

The Versatile Tortilla

From tacos to burritos, breakfast and dinner, many types of tortillas are great for all meals. That's why they're so easy to integrate into your diet.

Trying your hand out at different recipes is also a great way to learn. After all, cooking is an impressive skill and it gives you independence. Think about how many people you can impress when you make them a tasty meal.

Of course, if you don't have that kind of time, then you can always check out great restaurants near you. So why not a place near you or learn a skill?

Just make sure to enjoy the tortilla in your own way. Because you don't want to miss out on the flavor.

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