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Traveling to Dallas? Don't Forget to Get Authentic Grapevine Mexican Food

More people around the world eat Mexican food today than ever before. Not surprisingly, Mexican restaurants are among the fastest growing restaurant types in the industry.

And Grapevine Mexican food is some of the best in the United States.

Grapevine's Mexican food is so delectable that it's well worth the trip from Dallas or Fort Worth. To savor the best Mexican cuisine that Texas has to offer, look no further than Grapevine's wide selection of restaurants.

Read on to find out more about sampling the best in Grapevine Mexican food, a must-do on any trip to the Dallas or Fort Worth area.

Historic Grapevine

A little more than 20 miles away from the city centers of Dallas and Fort Worth, Grapevine marks a true Texas gem. Near Grapevine Lake, the area is known for its stunning wineries and historic downtown corridor. The area is steeped in Texas history.

In October 1843, a treaty of "peace, friendship, and commerce" was signed here. It was between General Sam Houston, Republic of Texas Commissioners, and the leaders of 10 Native American nations. This act opened the area up to its first homesteaders.

Today, it's known for its quaint historic buildings, role in Texas history, and fine wine and food scenes. Grapevine is home to the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association. It features many wineries and tasting rooms including the Umbra Winery.

But the best part of a visit to Grapevine? Diving into the city's delectable, authentic Mexican cuisine. From guacamole made tableside to the best margaritas north of the Rio Grande, the choices are endless.

Grapevine Mexican Food

Grapevine Mexican food boasts mouthwatering menu options and rich festive atmospheres. Devour the best that Texas has to offer while enjoying a relaxed vibe, great Mexican music, and fine food.

What sets Grapevine Mexican food restaurants like Mesa Grapevine Station apart from the competition?

Mesa Grapevine Station features only the freshest ingredients. Farm fresh produce and garden fresh vegetables means you'll savor the most flavorful food in the region.

Authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine require the freshest ingredients. And you'll find only the best here at Mesa Grapevine Station. Give fresh guacamole mixed tableside a try, and you'll be an instant believer!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Texas offers some of the best Mexican food just north of the border. And Tex-Mex is almost a religion here. There's a secret to cooking the finest Southern cuisine, and Texans aren't giving it away anytime soon.

Once you start eating your way around Grapevine, you'll quickly realize that the secret was crafted and hidden here. While no one's giving away the recipe, Grapevine's inspiration draws largely from authentic Mexican preparations.

Grapevine Mexican food uses simple, high-quality ingredients and authentic preparations. Unlike commercial restaurants that overcomplicate things, the food here is cooked to homemade perfection.

But you won't find burritos the size of a dinner plate or double-decker tostadas and tacos. At Mesa Grapevine Station, you'll find Mexican food the way it was intended to taste.

What does that mean? Loads of fresh flavors including lime, cilantro, ripe tomatoes, and jalapenos. Savory, slow-cooked meats exquisitely combined with spices and herbs...

Hungry yet?

Branch Out!

Grapevine Mexican food encompasses a wide variety of dishes and types. These flavors developed over multiple generations. Cooks fashioned local ingredients into extraordinary combinations.

Relocation and movement brought various Mexican food traditions into contact with each other. This led to mixing, borrowing, and the creation of new flavors. And Mesa Grapevine Station showcases these dishes in all of their glory.

So, make a promise to branch out and try something new on your next visit. Like the first Texas pioneers, you're in for a serious adventure!

Staple Dishes to Try in Grapevine

If you've ever ordered in a Mexican restaurant, then you're probably familiar with these staple dishes. At the best Grapevine restaurants, they always impress.

Carne asada represents a perfect example of regional fare done to perfection. It features flank steak or beef skirt marinated or rubbed. Then, it's seared over high flames before being grilled tender.

Carne Asada's appeal comes from its simple preparation and delicate blending of spices and herbs. A good carne asada will also contain the right hint of lime. When cutting into it, look for a crispy, charred exterior and tender interior.

Chile Relleno is another popular menu item based on a multigenerational home-cooked tradition. It showcases poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and either roasted or breaded and fried. The stuffed and cooked peppers are served with various traditional sauces depending on the region of inspiration.

Poblano peppers represent the basis for this recipe. But in different regions, different types of pepper may be used. Like hatch Chiles in New Mexico or pimiento peppers in Guatemala.

Tex-Mex Basics

If you're looking for something a little more Tex-Mex inspired, you'll want to order fajitas. Small cuts of slow-cooked meat are served with a variety of vegetables, seasonings, and other accompaniments. These represent serious DIY for Grapevine Mexican food junkies.

Take your pick of corn or flour tortillas, made from scratch, and then fill them up with meat, veggies, guacamole, salsa... The choices go on and on.

Of course, no discussion of Grapevine Mexican food is complete without talking about tacos. Tacos are known for their simplicity, portability, and yumminess. Whether in soft or hard shells, they highlight savory meat, fresh veggies, sour cream, cheese...

You get it...

More Adventurous Dishes to Consider

Looking for something a little more outside of the box? Check out some of the more adventurous dishes that Mesa Grapevine Station has to offer.

From the Puebla region comes Poblano. It features a sophisticated blending of chiles, seeds, and a touch of chocolate. Poblano combines the best in spiciness and savoriness.

Poblano may take a little getting used to if you've never tried Mexican sauces containing chocolate. But it doesn't get any tastier or more traditional.

Our chicken poblano is the stuff of dreams. Savory, rich, simmered to perfection... Are you drooling, yet?

Another dish worth diving into is mole. Among the more labor intensive dishes crafted at Grapevine Mexican food restaurants, mole sauces don't take very long to cook. But they require lots of care in order to properly engineer the characteristic flavor.

Like poblano, mole uses a touch of chocolate to give it a unique flavor. While any number of spices can be combined to create it, mole is typically dark in color and complex in flavor. Despite the chocolate, it's a savory rather than sweet dish.

And nobody does mole better than Mesa Grapevine Station.

Moving away from sauce preparations, it's worth giving meat cooked in the Al Pastor style a try. Al Pastor style meat is typically served in tacos, like our Al Carbon tacos. The term refers to spit-roasted pork that's thinly sliced and contains a surprising blend of flavors.

These flavors include an admixture of onions, pineapple, and coriander leaves. Immigrants to Mexico from Syria and Lebanon introduced pork Al Pastor south of the border. Wrapped in corn tortillas, pork Al Pastor is best served hot.

Corn Dishes You'll Adore

Corn has always been a staple of the Mexican diet. Ancient Mayan and Aztec murals feature beautifully painted homages to the vegetable. It remains an essential part of the Mexican diet to this day.

So, why not order a dish or two that's been inspired by this staple?

There's elote, or Mexican grilled corn, which is often sold by street vendors. Corn on the cob is grilled until it's hot and tender. Then, it's slathered in butter, cheese, and a variety of other ingredients.

It's a delicious snack that's portable and memorable. And it's a great way to start out an authentic Mexican meal.

Or, how about a bowl of pozole? This soup is made from hominy corn that's seasoned with spices and herbs. It's served with a variety of meats or vegetables and is a great menu item for vegetarians.

Pozole simmers over low heat for hours. Often, overnight, which gives it exceptional flavor. Onion, lime, chiles, and other accompaniments provide a fresh finish to this gorgeous dish.

Surely, you're familiar with tamales. But did you know that they draw inspiration from the ancient peoples of Mexico? Like the Mayans and Aztecs?

Tamales are corn dough stuffed with slow-cooked pork or other meat. Then, they're wrapped in corn husks and steamed. They represent a staple of any Mexican restaurant and are unforgettable when prepared in an authentic, fresh way.

Mesa Grapevine Station is the perfect place to sample one of the dishes listed above. When it comes to fine cuisine at Mesa Grapevine Station, no corner is cut. No detail is overlooked.

So, whether you're looking for something adventurous or a bit more traditional, Grapevine Mexican food is definitely the most satisfying, palate-pleasing way to go.

Don't Forget the Drinks!

If you're not thoroughly hungry at this point, then you should be! Mexican food is a national treasure. Prepared in Grapevine, its the ultimate comfort food with a gourmet edge.

But what about drinks? How can you enjoy an authentic Mexican meal without a little tequila? Or, a lot!

Grapevine offers a wide variety of excellent tequilas that you'd have trouble finding in other parts of the country. The proximity to Mexico definitely comes in handy!

So, belly up to the bar and give a shot of fine tequila, or two, a try. Devil on your shoulder? Remember that tequila makes a great palate cleanser, so you have an excuse.

For those who want something with less of an edge and more of a sweet kick, dive into a margarita. The flavors and combinations vary widely. At Mesa Grapevine Station, you'll taste the authentic difference.

Want to mix it up? Give our spicy margarita a try! We've also got an extensive wine list for those wishing to stick with the viticulture theme.

End on a Sweet Note

Lingering over a well-prepared meal with friends and family is a favorite pleasure in Grapevine. And there's not a Texan alive who would even think about leaving the table without ordering from the dessert menu.

Like dinner and drinks, you've got a wonderful list of options when it comes to the best punctuation for your meal.

If you're feeling decidedly Spanish, check out our orange-infused flan. Flan made its way to the New World from Spain. Before that, it made its first appearance somewhere in ancient Roman times.

Once you sink your spoon into this creamy dish, smothered in homemade caramel, you won't honestly care where it comes from. Our flan is delicately flavored and semi-sweet, the perfect end to a delightful meal.

And, there's more temptation where that came from. Looking for something decidedly more decadent than flan? Then, try our chocolate mousse, tres leches, or coconut cake.

Bewildered by the choices? Luckily, we offer a dessert sampler tray, too.

No commitment required!

Where To Start?

Grapevine, Texas, is renowned for many things including its historic district, vineyards, and exceptional Mexican dining. When choosing a restaurant, look for signs of authenticity such as menus in Spanish and a mixture of staples and more adventurous dishes.

Ask questions about where the produce and meat are sourced as the best Grapevine Mexican food relies on uber-fresh, locally grown ingredients. As for what to order on the menu, there are so many dishes to choose from that combine tradition with innovation.

Food heritage is alive and well when it comes to Grapevine Mexican food. The cuisine draws from a surprisingly diverse multicultural blending of peoples: the Spanish, ancient peoples of Mexico, and even Middle Eastern immigrants.

Food Made to Savor

When dining at a fine Grapevine Mexican food establishment, give yourself plenty of time to linger over a margarita and appetizers. Enjoy a leisurely main course based in authentic Mexican cuisine. And, whatever you do, leave some room for dessert!

You won't be disappointed! And once you get a flavor for what Mesa Grapevine Station has to offer, you'll be back for more.

So where to start? How about our menu. Get a head start on planning your next Grapevine Mexican food adventure.

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