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Where to Get the Tastiest Mexican Food in Grapevine TX

What if the best Mexican food is right down the street from where you live?

Grapevine, Texas is a city that has quite a few Mexican restaurants. This is great for variety, but it makes it difficult for consumers to figure out which restaurant is best.

With our insider guide, you'll find the best Mexican food in Grapevine TX and discover everything from the tastiest tamales to the greatest guacamole!

Mexican Food in Grapevine TX

Grapevine has a proud history stretching back to the 19th century. This is a city which has reinvented itself more than once over the years. Now, it's home to dozens of amazing restaurants.

Mexican food is a specialty in the area. Whether you are just passing through or have lived here all your life, this exclusive guide will let you easily find the best Mexican food in Grapevine TX.

Mi Dia From Scratch

Mi Dia From Scratch is a restaurant specializing in Tex-Mex flavor. This place is located on 1295 South Main Street.

One thing locals love about this restaurant is the variety of tacos. Mi Dia offers surprising selections such as sea bass tacos and baja shrimp tacos. The fajitas with smoked bacon also offer an unforgettable taste.

On top of the great food, Mi Dia offers a generous selection of hot music and cold beers. Come for the food and stay for the ambiance!

Esparza's Restaurante Mexicano

Esparza's is another Mexican restaurant offering truly unique flavor. This place is located at 124 East Worth Street.

Locals rave about unique menu offerings at Esparza's that include fried avocado and tortilla soup. Other unique offerings include pork tenderloin fajitas and pecan crusted seabass fajitas.

They also offer strong and tasty margaritas, making this restaurant a great stop for late night gatherings and impromptu parties. Whether you're bringing coworkers or your best friend, Esparza's means unforgettable nights.

Riverwalk Cantina

Sometimes, you want your Mexican food in Grapevine TX to be in the most scenic location possible. That's true of the Riverwalk Cantina, which is located at 1501 Gaylord Trl.

The Riverwalk area provides a blend of natural and manmade beauty. You can eat while appreciating both the river and seasonal features such as breathtaking Chrismas decorations.

As for food, locals enjoy the buffet as well as tasty takes on tacos and fajitas. This includes brisket tacos and generations portions of steak fajitas.

Whether you're there for a breakfast buffet or a quiet evening along the water, you'll be glad you came by!

Frezko Taco Spot

Some restaurants are large and elaborate affairs. Frezko Taco Spot is a small, intimate restaurant located at 3105 East Southlake Boulevard.

Frezko's is a small food truck that packs really big flavor. This starts when you first order and are given a selection of salsas as well as a complimentary cup of bean soup.

One features locals love is that you get to pick your own toppings. This lets you pack these generous portions of things like carne asada fajitas with any flavors you want.

This place is ideal for everything from a first date to a late night snack. Just be sure to bring your appetite!

Tommy Tamale Market and Cafe

Sometimes, you want to sit down and enjoy your meal. Other times, you want something you can grab and go. Tommy Tamale (located at 1689 West Northwest Highway) lets you do both!

This restaurant offers some of the most unique Mexican food in Grapevine TX. The majority of it is themed around tamales. All of their items can be ordered as takeout items, making it a convenient quick stop.

Tommy offers tamale platters, habanero pork, and other unique food items. And the low prices make it a great destination for diners of any budget!

So-Cal Tacos

Ever want to enjoy California flavor in Grapevine? So-Call Tacos, located at 2140 Hall Johnson Road, is the place for you.

This restaurant offers traditional Mexican foods such as al pastor and tortilla soup. However, they throw California flavor in with dishes like their gnarly nachos and So Cal fries. These fries are a perfect fusion of Mexican and California flavor.

Tommy Tamale offers delivery services for their entire menu. This means you can bring their unique flavor to your doorstep any day of the week. And once you've had your first taste, you're guaranteed to come back for more.

Mrs. G's Homemade Tacos

You may start to think most Mexican restaurants are the same after a while. Mrs. G's is a restaurant that sets out to prove you wrong.

This quaint restaurant is located at 503 West Northwest Highway. Mrs. G's is actually a combination of a baker and a Mexican restaurant!

One thing they specialize in is breakfast food. Dishes like the chorizo and cheese tacos help wake you up, and the restaurant allows you to customize these with your favorite ingredients.

You may still have room in your belly after eating food such as their yummy guisado tacos. If so, you should try some of their delicious desserts such as chocolate covered caramel apples!

Mesa Restaurant

You may sometimes want to eat Mexican food in a place that's a little fancier. Mesa Restaurant (located at 1000 Texan Trail) is the perfect place for you!

This restaurant forgoes Tex-Mex food for more traditional Mexican dishes. This includes carbon tacos and homemade tortillas.

Mesa is also known for its drinks. In fact, the restaurant is a cocktail bar that has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to offer.

Locals rave about the spicy margarita for its combination of sweetness and heat. Mesa also offers "skinny" margaritas that bring you their bold flavor without bringing so many calories.

The Bottom Line

There are many great places to find Mexican food in Grapevine TX. If you can only pick one, then you should eat at Mesa Restaurant today!

There is a very deep menu that guarantees you and your friends will find something that you'd love to eat. And the generous drink selection means you can easily spend an unforgettable evening at the restaurant.

After you've fallen in love with Mesa, you may feel like giving back. Don't forget that we also offer group dining and catering for your special events!

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